Cozumel Destination Wedding

Getting Married In Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel is the ultimate location for a dream destination wedding! Situated approximately 16 km off Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, this gem is nestled in the captivating blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. With its pristine white sand beaches, enchanting turquoise waters, and lush tropical gardens, Cozumel provides a perfect backdrop for your special day. Take your pick from various all-inclusive beachfront resorts, each offering an unforgettable setting for your big day.

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Our Signature Destination Wedding Planning Process


Interested in planning your Mexico destination wedding with us?

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Gathering as much detail as possible early on makes the rest of the process simpler and easier. Through our discovery conversation, we’ll learn about your dream destination wedding and will discuss questions such as: when, where, how many people, budget, and ideal setting. Once we learn about you, we’ll curate a list of destinations including exclusive perks, group benefits, transportation to/from the resort, and pricing.


When you’re ready, you’ll select your destination and we’ll formalize your room block, group benefits, and concessions, wedding event venues and timing, and we’ll create a custom booking site for your guests. And if you’d like, we can plan a trip so you can explore your potential destination first-hand, or as we call it get your toes in the sand.


This is where your dream wedding starts coming to life! You’ll work together with your on-site wedding coordinator to finalize your wedding decor, food, flowers, and timing.


Once your invites are sent out, we’ll handle all communication with your guests to help manage their travel. We’re here to answer everything about their travel to the wedding. We’ll provide you with routine updates as guests book their rooms so you know who’s already booked.


We’re with you every step of the way – from start to finish. We don’t stop once you sign the contract. We don’t stop once the last guest is booked. We’re with you – and all of your guests – until you happily return from your dream destination wedding.

Cozumel Wedding Resorts & Packages

We are confident that you will discover the ideal package to fulfil all your wedding desires and suit your budget. Our partnered resorts present a variety of wedding packages, each offering unique features for different budgets. Whether you have pictured an intimate beachside wedding venue or a lavish ceremony at a luxurious all-inclusive resort, we will work with the resorts to bring your vision to life.

The basic services that most packages typically include are ceremony location and rental, catering, bar service, decorations, entertainment, wedding photos, and of course, a dedicated wedding planner who will help to coordinate every aspect of the day from the wedding ceremony to the reception. Other services that may be included are spa treatments, photography, wedding cake, bridal bouquet, and much more.

The best part is that packages can often be customized so you can tailor the services to meet your needs and preferences.

How To Get To Cozumel

There are two ways of getting to Cozumel:


Cozumel International Airport has many direct flights to and from North America and Mexico City. Once you have arrived at the airport you can travel to the wedding resort via transfers or car rentals from the airport. There is also a convenient air shuttle offering Cozumel-Cancun flights.


The ferry crossing to Cozumel leaves from Playa del Carmen and takes about 40 minutes but can take up to an hour when you include getting on and off the boat. To get to Playa del Carmen you’ll need to take a bus, coach, taxi or hire a car.