Should I work with a travel agent to plan a destination wedding?

The Importance of Having a Travel Agent Plan Your Destination Wedding

Your destination wedding will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll always cherish. However, the planning process may pose some challenges — you’ll need to think about the date, location, accommodations, and a host of other details for your guests. Considering you may have never even stepped foot in your destination locale or resort, this can be a tall order.

The good news is that you don’t have to do this preparation on your own. In fact, planning travel arrangements for a destination wedding without professional assistance would be a mistake.

With the help of a travel agent, you can rest easier knowing that a crucial part of the process will be handled. These professionals are in business because they have great connections with general managers and owners of multiple resorts and hotels. They know the best places with the amenities you need. You won’t have to waste time exploring resorts and comparing rates because the travel agent has already done the legwork.

The Role of a Travel Agent

Think of your travel agent as a coach on your destination wedding team. Using their vast industry knowledge and expertise, they will take care of all the travel logistics and details. This includes helping you choose the right destination for your big day. A travel agent will also negotiate prices for your accommodation and that of your guests.

Keep in mind that travel agents have relationships with many resorts, and this gets them access to better rates. Contrary to what some may think, working with a destination wedding expert will actually lower your expenses.

Also, a travel agent can manage the transportation and travel issues on your behalf. As the bride or groom, you do not want a situation where you will be answering a million questions from your guests about your destination wedding. Your travel agent will keep you updated on all the logistical issues, ensuring you have peace of mind and enjoy a great experience on your big day.

Working With a Travel Agent to Plan Your Destination Wedding

Choose the Right Wedding Venue

There are so many destination wedding locations and destination wedding packages that you might feel overwhelmed during the selection process. Why not partner with an expert who can offer venue suggestions and help you make a decision that will fit your budget? It all begins with a discovery conversation with your travel agent. After you explain some details like the date, how many guests, your budget, and the ideal setting, the agent will curate a list of options.

Keep in mind that your agent has already planned many destination weddings. They’ll shed some light on extra details you may have never considered. An agent who has traveled the world and been to many places has a great understanding of various wedding destinations. While reading online reviews can be helpful, an agent is a much more trustworthy resource for accurate details.

Book Guest Travel and Accommodation

A travel agent is also responsible for planning and organizing guest travel and accommodations. Even if your wedding party is relatively small, this could be a complicated task. Thankfully, your agent will take away the pressure and make sure everything goes as planned.

If necessary, the agency can help you plan a pre-wedding trip to the proposed destination. This first-hand view of the resort and city will give you a better picture of what to expect. Once you’ve made a selection, your agent will handle tasks such as arranging your room block, group benefits, and concessions. They’ll also work with your on-site wedding coordinator to help plan the big day. We’re talking everything from the ceremony décor to the custom menu and entertainment. Regardless of the size and nature of your wedding ceremony, your agent will work to create the perfect experience.

Even before the big trip comes, the agent will address all your guests’ concerns and answer all the questions about their accommodations and logistics. Without someone experienced in this role, you’ll be overwhelmed looking up answers in an unfamiliar destination. The agent may also oversee operations during the wedding to ensure everything runs smoothly and respond to any emergencies.

Serve as the Group Manager

Of course, unforeseen hurdles may inevitably pop up. That’s why you need someone to manage the group and be available to address emergencies. We all know that wedding stress has a way of snowballing. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could anticipate potential issues, such as room upgrades and last minute travel plan changes?

Your agent will act as your group manager to serve as the main point of contact and handle the wedding details, including accommodation, transportation, and reservations. Your agent can also address your guests’ concerns regarding their bookings or any other issues they may have. Whether they need help finding a gluten-free dining option or a nearby attraction to take the kids, they’ll step in. That’s a perk you won’t get when working with an online company like Expedia. It’s also why working with a family-owned travel agency may have its perks — you’re not calling an 800 number but rather texting or calling your agent directly to get their personal opinion.

You should be able to reach out to your agent if you need any quick service while on the go. If you ever have a concern about hotel service, a missed flight, or a rental car, let your agent handle it.

Save You From Hidden Costs

There are a lot of ways to save on group trips. However, researching all the best deals while finding ways around unnecessary fees can be time-consuming. Thankfully, your travel agent has already done the legwork in this area and knows the best destination wedding packages. With their help, you’re sure to get the best deals and be aware of anything that may knock your budget off track. Since travel agents have relationships with resorts and tour operators, they get bulk discounts and promotions you’d never see otherwise.

For instance, most wedding packages provide rewards for guests of honor and the bridal party but for extra fees. Your agent can work to get you access to any vouchers and freebies that you couldn’t otherwise access on your own.

They can also see through scam offers that try to entice you with incredibly low rates or “too good to be true” offers. The goal of your travel agent is to make sure you and your guests have a memorable experience and sending you a resort that won’t ensure your happiness is a lose-lose situation.

Partnering with a travel agent — especially one who’s been in the business for 30+ years — to plan your destination wedding comes with an array of benefits. Contact us today to get started with planning your dream wedding.